Languages Courses

Can you become a polyglot at 2 or 5 years old? It is real possibility with Languages4Kids language courses at P'titCREF Arbat! Here, from an early age, your child will be able to plunge into a multilingual atmosphere, and play, talk, and make friends in English and French.

Languages4kids (L4kids) language courses are extracurricular activities for children from 1 to 8 years old.
To help children learn our teachers use the unique P'titCREF methodology, based on 16 years of experience in teaching preschoolers in Russia, as well as raising bilingual and trilingual children.

The main components of the educational process:
- studing as a form of play,
- live communication,
- a language environment with full immersion,
- qualified teachers who are native speakers,
- small groups,
- unique teaching materials BEABA and AWAY WE GO from CREF Publishing.

Lesson formats:
- baby group "Parent+Kid",
- language classes,
- speaking club.

✓ Baby Group (1-3 years old) ENG, FRA -
educational games for kids paired with a parent and teacher.

Benefits of a child studying in Baby Group:
- will become acquainted with educational games for kids from French and English speaking countries and be able to take an active part in playing these games,
- will learn to listen carefully to remember foreign words,
- will not become stressed when hearing foreign speech,
- will begin to recognize songs, nursery rhymes and fairy tales,
- will feel comfortable as a part of a team and be ready for kindergarten.

✓ Speaking Club (3-8 years) FRA -
studying in the format of live communication with a teacher.

Benefits of a child studying in Speaking Club:
- will get acquainted with vocabulary on various topics and begin to form his/her own vocabulary,
- will listen to and remember foreign words,
- will learn many interesting things about the culture and traditions of French speaking countries,
- will be engaged in creativity,
- will listen to the favorite tales of French writers in the original language,
- Will communicate a lot and make new friends.

✓ Language courses (3-8 years) ENG, FRA -
language lessons with BÉABA and AWAY WE GO study materials.

Benefits of a child studying in these courses:
- will become acquainted with a language and actively practice it with peers,
- will receive reading, writing and speaking skills,
- will improve the level of language proficiency, passing levels one by one,
- will learn a language not only with the help of textbooks, but also with the help of creative and educational games,
- will be able to pass language exams and enroll in a language school

Classes are held by native speaking teachers with a big experience in working with children in schools and univercites of Russia and around the world.

French teachers:
✓ Ombelyze Buirrette (baby group, language courses for beginners),
✓ Damien Remy (conversation club, language courses for advanced students).

English teachers:
✓ James Pearson (language courses for advanced students and those who have passed three levels of study at P'titCREF),
✓ Alex Musazi (language courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced),
✓ Tina Chidyausiku (baby group).

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