Teaching Materials

P’titCREF Teaching Materials

At P'titCREF, we focus on creating and developing our own authentic teaching materials that are unavailable at other schools. We provide our teachers and children with high-quality materials in accordance with the aims and methods of teaching. These materials also follow our P’titCREF methodology. P’titCREF teaching aids are specifically made for each age group, to allow them to progress smoothly throughout the school year. We are constantly developing and improving our materials to keep up with new innovative ideas and teaching strategies to maximise the quality of learning.

P'titCREF Characters

Children have classmates!

charactersP'titCREF has created characters for each language, who accompany the children and grow with them during their schooling. Teachers use these characters as classmates who help children develop interest through imagination. They can be found, used, and played with in various forms: as hand puppets for aiding in the teaching process and play; as stickers to decorate notebooks and walls of the school; in activity books to give instructions; on flashcards to show what tools will be needed for activities; on classroom and event posters; on various P’titCREF games and toys such as playing cubes, stamps, balloons, etc.

There is a girl, a boy and a pet character for each language:

English: Heather, Sam and their monkey, “Monkey”

French: Emma, Téo and their dog, “Choco”

Russian: Masha, Petya and their hedgehog, “Yojik”

Ukrainian: Mariyka, Petrik and their hedgehog, “Ijachok”

Spanish: Rocío, Javier and their cat, “Gatito”

Toddler Teaching Handouts

Special activities for the little ones

toddler handoutsThis is a collection of three teaching handout binders per language for teachers, the contents of which conform to the recommendations of governmental nursey curricula, and are harmonized with our method and themes. They contain ideas of activities related to P’titCREF’s nursery themes for the year. There are materials to photocopy for class, worksheets for students, posters, samples for lesson planning, games, song cards, pictures, and references to even more resources! Those handouts were mainly designed for group activities, yet have regular references to individual or independent activities. Several of these activities are designed to be used with other P’titCREF teaching materials: interactive routine magnet boards, flashcards, maps, posters, alphabets, etc.

Activity Books

Discover the world and words with fun activities

activity booksP’titCREF’s Pedagogical Team have created activity books to complete their unique programme. Their contents conform to the recommendations of national programmes and are harmonised with our method and teaching themes. These activity books will accompany the children from Junior to Senior groups in the three languages of the school (the collection now exists in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian). Each level has a set of 3 activity books per school year, one of which is distributed to each child at the beginning of every new term. Children will follow, through their adventures, our P’titCREF characters who will give them instructions on how to complete exercises with various tools. Included in the books are stickers and cut outs for more fun! Each activity book covers 12 weeks of studying and is based on two general matters: Language Development and Discovering the World. In order to support teachers during the school year, a set of teaching aid resources offers ideas and ways to prepare lessons:

Teachers’ Books: For each page in the activity books, it gives examples of how to introduce exercises and how to run the exercises themselves.

Teaching Material Dossiers

To go deeper into the themes

teaching dossierThe different themes of the year have been grouped in 13 teaching units. The Teaching Material Dossiers work as a pedagogical guide for the teachers following those 13 units. They were written by an international collective of P’titCREF teachers, which gives different cultural views of how to prepare a class. For each theme, they give several examples of activities that introduce the topic, arts and crafts, music and poetry, physical education, board games and additional resources.

Interactive Magnetic Routine Boards

A great way to ingrain aspects of daily life

interactive magnet boardIn order to allow children to discover the surrounding world, P’titCREF has created interactive routine boards that can be employed daily with magnetic images. Routines are an easy way for children to repeat and gain confidence day after day in their answers. Teachers use them to measure time (calendar, seasons), to observe the weather; to practise reading (days, months, etc.) and standard phrases of daily life; to understand the surrounding world by describing pictures (cultural events, clothes, etc.), and counting (days, pupils, etc.).

Class Job Board

The best way for kids to feel responsible

class jobs boardA second magnetic board allows students to practice taking responsibility in the classroom. Each child is assigned a job for a certain period — usually a week — and must fulfil the tasks related to it. There is the teacher’s helper, the supplies keeper, the gardener, the messenger, etc. Children will be in charge of their job, and must not forget to complete it. The board is a visual reminder for both children and adults to remember who does what. To further develop autonomy skills, each child receives a class job tracking sheet that allows him/her to note how often he/she does a particular class job in the school year, when he/she has to try a new one, and learn to manage his/her time over the year.


A great collection of thematic pictures

flash cardsIn every classroom, there are unique sets of flashcards created by P’titCREF teams, and used by all teachers. They help with acquiring or reviewing vocabulary and playing educational games by using sight memory.

Image Collection: All illustrations come from our activity books and are organised according to the themes we use during the school year. The magic bonus: words on the flashcards are erasable! This allows the teachers to write words describing the illustrations in their own languages and using different lettering (upper- and lowercase letters, cursive, etc.) depending on the goals of the lesson. The flashcards help children not only learn new words related to their image, but also work with other P’titCREF teaching resources (activity books, toddler handouts, etc.)

Photo Action Cards: This is a collection of photos of children in action — a good way to learn verbs!

Sight Word Flash Cards (in English): This set is comprised of the first hundred words most used in common language to memorise like an image.

Bonus: Various forms of flashcard game ideas by age and theme are accessible to our teachers from our various resources (teaching material dossiers, toddler teaching handouts, Flash Card Game Handouts, …)

Student Copybooks

An archive for the school year and a souvenir for life

copy booksEach student will receive a copybook or a binder at the beginning of the school year. The children will personise it, and it will serve as an “archive” of their school works. During the school year, children, with the help of their teachers and assistants, will save their worksheets and artwork in the copybooks or binders. In addition, there can be photos of the children at various moments of school life, and song lyrics or poems learned in class. Students will learn how to take care of them, which increases their skills of responsibility and independence.

Penmanship Practice Notebooks

How to get the best penmanship skills!

penmanship booksEach child in the Junior, Middle and possibly Senior Groups receive a Penmanship Practice Notebook and keep it in the classroom. It simultaneously trains their small muscle development, hand-eye coordination, writing utensil grip, and capacity to smoothly form strokes, leading to writing and drawing. Each book contains penmanship exercises that go in a progression connected to the activity books, which will help children to develop handwriting skills in various fun ways (using different tools from pencils to erasable markers)! Those notebooks can be used as a class in the course of a group activity, or in “self-service” — when a child has finished his/her work, he/she can take the book and do the next page.

P’titCREF Posters

Decorating classrooms with knowledge and beauty!

postersP’titCREF has a great collection of exclusive in-house posters that illustrate our yearly themes and lessons: Teachers can find age-adapted alphabet and number posters, an interactive world map, historical timelines, thematic posters (animals, landscapes, etc.) that are displayed only in P’titCREF schools…