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Only one day: Forest School with Maks Kornilin!

Only one day: Forest School with Maks Kornilin!

Only one day, July 16th: Forest School with Maks Kornilin; real adventures for kids from 2 to 8 years old in Neskuchny Park. We'll play Native Americans and build tipi huts. We'll set up a forest theater and make our own costumes. We'll breathe in fresh air, observe birds and insects, and make beautiful crafts from natural materials. We’ll also have a picnic and find new friends. It will be interesting, fun and safe! Be quick to sign up:we have a limited number of seats.

What will my child learn through Forest School?
Kids will interact with other children, with trees and animals. They will cease to be afraid of open spaces, as well as understand how to remain aware and organized even in an unstructured schedule.

Is it safe?
All day long our professional teachers and assistants will be close to your child. They will choose locations for games at a safe distance from other members of the public in the park.

What schedule are available?
Our school bus will leave Bolshoi Afanasyevsky pereulok at 10.00 and return from Neskuchny Sad to school around 17.00.

Who is the curator?
The program is led by our teacher of further education, an experienced counselor, and organizer of children's events, musician, and artist Maksim Kornilin:
- graduate of the The Moscow State Academy of Choreography and Vaganova Ballet Academy (Russia),
(additional education - Moscow Academic Art Сollege, Moscow Technical College of Theatre and Art Artists, Sholokhov Moscow State University for Humanities),
- leader of programs in role-playing games, culinary and carpentry, architectural games, design, music, and animation,
- creator of the projects "Forest Kindergarden" and "Forest School",
- teaching experience - 10 years (6 years in P'titCREF Arbat).

How to sign up?
You can learn more and book a place by contacting our managers: arbat@ptitcref.com, 7 (495) 697-20-0