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Assess your child's school readiness!

Assess your child's school readiness!

If your child is already 6 or 7 years old, it is important to assess his/her school readiness. What is this, why you need it and how to get through, says our psychologist Oksana Buvaltseva:

“Readiness for school is the level of a child’s physical, mental and social development that is necessary for the successful development of the school curriculum. A child can read, write, count, but not be ready to sit a lesson at the same time. It’s important to consider all aspects to be sure that a child is ready to study and studying won't harm health.

The psychologist is engaged in diagnostics and takes into account:
- physiological readiness (whether a child’s development is corresponded to its age, ahead or lagging behind, or not, are there any medical contraindications),
- social readiness (whether a child is ready for the role “I am a student” or not, if he/she is able to accept new rules of behavior, interact with the teacher and classmates, or not),
- motivational readiness (why does a child go to school, if he/she wants to study, or just want to have an uniform and backpack),
- intellectual readiness (level of speech development, perception, attention, thinking, memory, ability to understand and use different sign systems),
- emotional-volitional readiness (whether a child is ready to work hard, comply with the regime, be able to control emotions and behavior, or not).

Diagnostics helps to predict a child’s learning ability, adjust parents ’expectations and receive recommendations on how to enter school life as prepared as possible.
You need to go through it in spring, after graduation, or twice a year to track the dynamics: in fall, at the beginning of the year, and in spring.
The main thing is that a child must be at least 6 years old. He/she should come to a psychologist healthy, rested, in a good mood. Then the results will be objective. "

If you want to undergo diagnostics in P'titCREF with Oksana, you can do it now, at Zoom-consultations, or after June 23rd in our school:
- 1 meeting, 90 minutes - the psychologist communicates with a child and offers the necessary tasks,
- 2 meeting, 60 minutes - the psychologist communicates with parents, announce the results, gives a conclusion and recommendations.

For our Prep students who have attended our online lessons, diagnostics is free!
For other students fees, please, ask our managers:
arbat@ptitcref.com, +7 (929) 509-30-70.