About «Arbat»

What is P'titCREF Arbat? What opportunities do we offer for children from 1 to 8 years old?

P’titCREF is a private, trilingual children's center in the heart of Moscow. We accept children of all nationalities, and teach according to national educational standarts of Russia, France and the United Kingdom.

P'titCREF is four in one:
✓ P'titCREF day nursery and kindergarten full and part time,
✓ Les Ptits Plus extracurricular classes and studios,
✓ Languages4kids language courses for preschool children,
✓ a leisure center during school holidays.

Our main principles are:
- full language immersion,
- respect for the child’s personality,
- transparency for parents,
- the creation of all necessary conditions for healthy growth and development.

Our advantages:
1) We were the first trilingual children's center in Moscow and remain one of the most respected. We don't copy any international school, but work according to our own methodology, based on 16 years of experience.
2) Our team has only native speaking, certified teachers. They pay individual attention to each child, taking into account his/her progress and ability, to achieve the best result. Among teachers there are both women and men, which is very important in educating a preschooler, and for the quality assimilation of the material.
3) There are children of different nationalities who speak different languages in our groups, which helps to create a language environment without leaving Russia.

4) Our center is a platform for acquaintance and communication of children and parents. At P'titCREF, families and teachers are friends, and the frienship goes on after graduation. We like to celebrate holidays together, arrange tea parties for students' birthdays, and participate in charity events and home fairs.
5) The guarantee of the high quality of our education is the trust of our customers, among them are ambassadors and consuls of various countries, top managers, and famous artists. Our guarantee is also the success of our students! Our first graduates are already 17-20 years old - and they are studying at the leading universities of Russia, Europe, and the world.
6) We also bring our own children to our center, because we are sure that here they will get a great start in language education and the best care!

If you want to give your child a good language start, visit us at Bolshoy Afanasyevskiy Pereulok, 41!