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The Week of Theater

The Week of Theater

We will find out how to produce a performance and will start preparing our own show. We will draw decorations, create props, work on sound effects in the Sound Lab and in the Light Lab we will customize spot lights.

Also on the program yoga, snow fight, building of a snow forest, growing up a snow man. For the contest of "The Most Funny Snow Man" we will photograph our snowy characters.

We will find out that actors and theater can be very different. We will learn about gestures, mimics and emotions, visit the world of the Theater of Shadows.

We will got to the park to ride from gigantic slide, to run and play snow balls. We will take sleighs and hot tea along, of course!

On the last day of holidays we will prepare own own theater show and organize a party for parents and guests. To prepare all this we will brew hot punch and bake Christmas cookies.

Many more New Year surprises are waiting for the little participants of the les p'titsplus Christmas holidays!