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Field Trips to the World of Fairy Tales

Field Trips to the World of Fairy Tales

Next week our pupils will be going to The House of Fairy Tales, near Avtozavodskaya, to watch interactive productions of famous stories for children.

Juniors - ‘The Gingerbread Man’ on Thursday, 12th of May

Middles - ‘Grandmother Turtle's Tales’ on Thursday, 12th of May

Seniors — ‘Tales by H.C.Andersen’ on Friday, 13th of May

Preps - "Puss in Boots" on the 13th of May.

ATTENTION! All groups leave at 9AM. Please arrive on time not to miss the bus!

The P'titCREF teachers use tales and stories during the whole school year to introduce and illustrate themes, to organise a time of calm games and free time, to enrich the literary culture, to structure written and oral speech.
The following two weeks will be specifically dedicated to Stories and Fairy Tales.
Generally, specialists in different fields (pedagogy, pediatric psychiatry and linguistics) consider tales to be an indispensable element of education. They determine the following main functions of tales:
• development of speaking and listening skills: naming objects, feelings, learning to listen and to be attentive;
• construction of personality: understanding what is forbidden and permitted, imagining oneself a character, favouring the development of self-appraisal;
• transmission of culture: seeing one's place in the history of mankind, in space and time, in the cultural and artistic context;
• developing social conscience: a narrator and his/her audience make a single unit and they all react to a tale as individuals in a group, the latter being a mini- model of society;
• development of imagination: dreaming, learning, guessing what is next...