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Week of Jobs 07/03-11/03

Week of Jobs 07/03-11/03

Ophtalmologists, ENT's, general practitioners, and even veterinarians: we will learn all about doctors, their specialties, and their patients. Why is the dental profession so important? Children will learn how dentists treat people, how to brush their teeth well and why this is important, and they will train to prepare fillings, making them from play dough.
The surgeon is a very important doctor. We will discover the specifics of his/her work, and we will focus on anatomy and the human skeleton.

What is an electrician? We will explain this to the children and build an electrical circuit with them. We will also explore the work of a plumber, learning where the water that flows into our homes comes from, how it is heated, and why it must not be wasted. We will discuss the problems of drought in Africa. We will work together to make a sculpture of garden hoses, in which we will run water and then repair the leaks.
Who maintains the green spaces in the city? We will try to understand this. And we will prepare presents for mothers for the 8th of March by learning to grow real plants in pots.
Who cleans the streets? We will make our own brooms and then go and try them out on the grounds, proceeding to clean our playground.
The day will include a photo session with the theme of "A Clean World."

Children will participate in a wide thematic treasure hunt, watching videos filmed at the crime scene, interviewing witnesses, taking digital fingerprints and verifying them in our database, examining handprints, shoe prints, even animal paw prints. Naturally, we will sketch the suspect and make wanted posters to hang up during our search. We will look for other traces of the criminal using ultraviolet light. At the end of the game, once the investigation has successfully been completed, all the children will receive detective cards!

We will take a trip to the planetarium. After returning, the children will create passports for the world of their dreams. We will make our own cardboard rockets and other space-themed decorations for a photo shoot.
Also on the programme that day, we will prepare a report on our voyage to the ninth planet.

We will learn to cook varenikis and Italian pizza. We will also decorate our own chef hats.
To conclude our program, children and their parents can participate in an Indian Cooking Workshop with a chef that we have invited. A photo exhibition will show everything we have done all week and we will then try our delicious Indian dishes.