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Historical Field trips

Historical Field trips

Field trips are recognized as important moments in learning; a shared social experience that provides the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting. P'titCREF's curriculum is one that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.

The schedule of the field trips is as follows:

Darwin Museum:

Middle C: Wednesday 27th January, 9:15

Middle A+B: Wednesday 27th January, 9:15

Senior & Prep: Wednesday 27th January, 9:45

First will go to the exhibition building, on 4th floor where there will be an interactive maze/labyrinth about our themes. Afterwards will go to the main entrance of the Darwin museum and go to the 3rd floor where are several exhibitions about dinosaurs, evolution of man, fossils, a dancing dinosaur and much more.

Other field trips:

Senior: Thursday, 11th of February at 15:00 Archeology Museum of Moscow

Prep: Friday, 12th of February at 14:30 Archeology Museum of Moscow

Middle A+B: Tuesday, 9th February 9:15 Jili Bili at VDNH

Junior A+B+GYM: Wednesday, 10th of February at 9:30 — 10:30 will be a historical linen making demonstration and dressing up in old fashion Russian linen clothes in Gym.