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The Week of coati and trips to the Zoo

The Week of coati and trips to the Zoo

International Weeks in P'titCREF go on and next week will be the the Week of World Animals. During next week Juniors, Middles, Seniors and Prep will go on excursions to the Moscow Zoo!

Apart from visiting other wild animals children will finally get to meet our coati in person. This will be their first encounter with our little friend from South America. Moscow Zoo representative will join the kids near coati's enclosure to tell them all about it and coati's keeper will come to feed the coati family.

We would like to declare the upcoming week The Week of Coati as we expect a lot of photos from the zoo, we will tell you all about its natural habitat and at the end of the week we hope to choose a good name for it. A box will be set for this purpose for each group to insert notes with a choice of names to select one on Friday.

A schedule for the zoo trips is as follows:
Tuesday, 17th, Junior A, B, C
Wednesday, 18th, Senior and Prep
Friday, 20th, Middle A, B, C
The bus will leave the school at 9:30.