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French pastries in P'titCREF

French pastries in P'titCREF

Dear Friends,

Many of you have had a pleasure to taste delicious French bread, croissants and buns from Boulangerie Francois, a famous French bakery in Moscow. We are happy to announce that starting now we begin taking orders for Boulangerie François!

Please order the amazing home-made pastry not later then 16th of November to be delivered on Wednesday, 18th of November at 8 AM warm and ready for you to pick up.

We plan to provide this service on a permanent basis as long as you are interested in authentic French bakery.
You can order things like almond croissants, puff pastry, baguettes, macarons, short-bread biscuits, eclairs, meringues, cakes and other pastries made by French chef-bakers and therefore very traditional with a flavor of France.
The full catalogue can be found on reception. It will also be sent to you by your managers. Your order can be send directly to commandefrancois@francois.com.ru