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Eco Market in P'titCREF

Eco Market in P'titCREF

This year P'titCREF will celebrate Organic Food within the Week of Taste at the end of which we will organize a real Eco-market.

It is an open event. We will be happy to welcome parents, friends and anyone who is interested. On the eco-market there will be farm products to purchase, organic cosmetics, certified bio-garments. All products are from local producers. Visitors can participate in various ecological master classes. There will be a presentation on recycling from Cleangorod. We will also cook natural and healthy smoothies with Ksenya Tsaregorodtseva, a diet coach.
You can taste and buy all the products exhibited.

Our special guests for the event will be:
- «Happy to be eco» (natural cosmetics),
- «Bluegreens» (eco-clothes for kids) ,
- «Club Evasion Moscou» (eco-tours, Russian French cheeses),
- «The Marc bakery» (natural cookies),
- «Gorod-sad» (Bio-supermarket),
- «Cleangorod» (recycling project),
and others...

Come and bring your friends along to this wonderful eco-event!