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History in P'titCREF

History in P'titCREF

It has been quite a while since our children of all age groups started to work on historic topics which were supposed to introduce a global sense of time to children so that they begin to understand the concepts of chronology, evolution and change.

It will also help to introduce the young children into this broad subject of History which is often complex and full of mystery. Teachers will try to evoke their interest and to stimulate their curiosity. Why should History be only for older students?

How to deal with History? There are five weeks which will each correspond to a certain historical period (Prehistory and History): Dinosaurs, Pre-historic times (cavemen and Stone age), Ancient History (Egypt at the time of Pharaohs, Incas and Mayas, Ancient Greece and Rome), Middle Ages (knights of Western Europe, Slavic Rus’), Modern Europe from the great discoveries to contemporary inventions (for older children only).

During these five weeks within a specific topic children will discover peoples, clothes and costumes, art and crafts, dwellings/architecture, different means of communication, activities and occupations, climates, environment (fauna and flora) of a certain historic period.

At the end of our History project we plan to offer our parents a wonderful book illustrated with photos of children dressed up according to one of the historical periods and photos of their art and crafts on this subject. The price for a personal copy will be 1000 RUR and all the money raised will be donated to the charities. We will be ready to show you the photobook at the beginning of Spring.