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Autumn holidays are coming!

Autumn holidays are coming!

At the end of October, we will have our first holiday break. We offer a holiday programme for those parents who wish to keep their children in school during this week. From the first day of holidays, children will plunge into the wonderful world of cinema. The school will turn into a real studio where we will learn all about movie making and shoot our own movie. Children will make the scenery and add soundtracks to their films.

We plan to take them to the Moscow Museum of Animation. In the middle of the week, when we will already have made many decorations and costumes, we will continue shooting. It will take place not only in school, but also in the park. Everyone knows that while working on the movie, actors often tell interesting stories and anecdotes. Children will report directly from the scene.

We will print all our photos and get acquainted with cyanotype, a photographic printing process that produces a cyan-blue print. Everyone will be able to print his or her own unique picture in our darkroom.

To further explore the world of cinema, we will watch some terrific movies and cartoons.

The program will also include a quest with a real map. Children will make their way through a maze decoding signs and playing the heroes. At the end of the holiday week, we will invite parents to a private party where our movie will be shown for the first time and the Walk of Fame secretly prepared by teachers will be presented as a surprise for the children.