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Exhibition in MMOMA

Exhibition in MMOMA

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Trilingual Centre for Children P'tit CREF, presents an international student project Paris - Berlin - Moscow. The Contemporary City. The exhibition has already taken place in Paris and Berlin. Now it is the turn of Moscow with the final stage of the project. The display includes works by artists Marie de La Ville Baugé and Kim Kegelev, a photographer Ivan Pustovalov, as well as the photos of Moscow taken by students of the P'tit CREF centre.

Paris, Berlin and Moscow are three big megalopolises. Each has a peculiar urban culture of its own: it inspires artists, attracts tourists and creates the environment its inhabitants live in. What makes the similarities and differences of these three capital cities? What is a megalopolis? How can you show its very essence in a photo? These questions the participants are expected to answer give them a free hand, allowing to show their own vision of the native city.

In response to a Tumblr blog, 60 people from different countries have taken part in the project; they have sent more than 150 photos of the capital, revealing their unique vision of the cities. The artworks have already been displayed in two European capitals. The Berlin exhibition took place from April, 13th to April, 19th at the very heart of the German capital city, at the SMAC gallery in the Mitte locality. The Paris exhibition took place from May, 15th to May, 17th at the Southeast Asia House in the international student campus Cité Universitaire.

The French artist Marie de La Ville Baugé has made a fresco painting specifically for the Moscow exhibition, using the photos of the project participants and her own artworks. Focusing on the Russian capital, the artist provides a multifaceted perspective of contemporary Moscow, comprising the impressions of different generations about the city. The photographer Ivan Pustovalov will present a photo series, where he has first worked with children, creating austere portraits in the style of Rembrandt. Kim Kegelev will display several graphic works as well as a motley photo collage from the city life scenes children captured on film camera. His large-format works on kraft paper evoke the moral courage and strength of character of a person who manages the landscape of her urban environment on her own. Here people are actors performing among the scenery made by their proper hands.

The students of the educational centre P'tit CREF will elaborate their own idea of an ideal city. The Dream Capital installation brings together the integral features of a megalopolis and the major sights of Paris, Berlin and Moscow - namely, the cardboard Eiffel Tower, Brandenburg Gate and Saint Basil's Cathedral.

The project is intended to acquaint the viewers, starting with the youngest age group, with the cultural characteristics of other countries and to make them enter into intercultural dialogue. The Educational Centre P'tit CREF concentrates its efforts on the international exchange and creative development of children. The project will include ludic activities for children in the course of a series of creative workshops intended for the youngest visitors.