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French Saturdays in P'titCREF

French Saturdays in P'titCREF
A Saturday in P’titCREF is a great opportunity for children to once again immerse themselves in French language in a free and easy atmosphere. Since it’s a Saturday we don’t study. We play and have fun but we do it together with our French teachers and of course we speak French.
The ballet class is very popular among girls. Plies and pirouettes, jumps and arabesques are performed in white princess-like tutus from Les P'titsPLUS. Girls are so enthusiastic about the ballet and Alexandra’s beautiful French only adds style and elegancy to this class. There is no need to say that this is an easy way to learn the language absorbing it while dancing.
Some girls though as well as boys enjoy cooking with Donatien, a real French chef. They stir and they pour and they joke over it a lot. Did you know that a red bell pepper is really vampires?)) P’titCREF is where everything so interesting and especially cooking!
Saturdays are days of full immersion in French and many children stay with us all day. After tasting culinary masterpieces produced by the team of little chefs «Les P’titCuistots» kids can go to Alice’s music class. But it’s not really a lesson! It’s more like a tour to the world of music! It is so exciting to get acquainted with all kinds of musical instruments such as piano or viola. We also do coloring in the class while Alice tells us about notes and their sounds. French language is so pleasing to the ear when accompanied by classical tunes.
Music with Alice is a fairly calm class which anticipates the most unusual lesson of French language you have ever heard about «The French Theater». «The French Theater» is a newly started class. Children jump and skip and are allowed to be a bit naughty but you will see how soon little sudents of «The French Theater» will play different roles. Our theater workshop already announced a La Fontaine play coming up in Spring.
If your children study French in P’titCREF or somewhere else, if they like and especially if they don’t like it much, bring them to LesP’titsPLUS French Saturdays and soon they’ll love everything to do with French language.