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Science weeks have started

Science weeks have started

Science weeks started and this is the most anticipated time of year. Science in P'titCREF is about understanding the world around you. Don't think of complicated formulas, lab coats and text books. Think of curious children always asking why. Kids love experimenting with the different textures, mixing, stirring.

The Science weeks will start one week after the holidays on the 16th of March. Children always wait impatiently for this period. They mean that the spring has come and botany lessons will start soon. During the weeks of Science children will satisfy their curiosity and their wish to understand the environment better. Why is the sky blue? Why does it rain? Why do the stars shine? Every day children ask questions, experiment, make conclusions and assumptions. That is how they learn about this world.

At the end of science weeks on the week of 13th to 17th of April children will invite parents to the temporary Science «Le PtitLAB » in GYM.

During the Science Weeks we will have a series of master classes. Crazy popular master classes of Dr.Kolbochkin, the mad scientist, are always full! 4 Tuesdays will follow 4 Mondays of the most amazing scientific discoveries. Please pay in advance at the reception. Places are limited.

Science weeks are sure to have them loving science for ever!