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Summer evening classes

Summer evening classes

All summer we have a variety of evening activities for children who stay in Moscow over the holidays. Kids come to have some fun and rest from the hot summer day spent at home, in summer camps or on the playgrounds.

We welcome children to our music and dance classes led by our most wonderful teachers. These are the most popular classes this summer. Traditionally boys as well as girls join these groups. Everyone likes to move and skip and play and sing! However some boys and some girls prefer our hip-hop class. And they have got some moves now to surprise their friends in the neighborhood.

Our evening classes in French is a good opportunity for the older pre-schoolers ready to go to serious language schools of Moscow and abroad and already closely familiar with the French language. To maintain a level of French on a good level we offer "Ballet" and "Chess" with French speaking teachers.

The classes are held in the center of Moscow, close to Old Arbat street on Bolshoi Afanasievsky pereulok, 41.

Call our managers to enroll your child +74956099057.