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Summer Adventures in the city!

Summer Adventures in the city!

Summer in the city can be a real adventure:
our interactive program in English and French from "P'titCREF Arbat"
for children from 2 to 8 years old!

In the summer season 2020, we offer two programs:
- "Inventions and Inventors" in French
- and the Musical Theater in English.

Kids will enjoy interactive lessons at school in Arbat and fun walks in Neskuchny Sad.
We offer a lot of creativity, outdoor games, communication, and language practice.
Choose inventions and creative experiments, acquaintance with different cultures, from the aborigines North America and Johannes Gutenberg to Leonardo da Vinci and Andy Warhol.
Or choose musical theater, with songs, dances, poems, creative workshops, a real carnival and even Oscar nominations.

Teachers: all native speakers.
Tony Bernard is a French teacher, musician, and poet; he came to Moscow from romantic Paris. Tony is a gentle and cheerful teacher, one of the creators of our interactive video tutorials. He knows everything about scientific experiments, music, and physical education of kids.
Tina Chidyausiku is an English teacher, singer and actress, an expert in English language and literature. She came to Moscow from Zimbabwe, and knows what creative freedom and self-expression are. Tina teaches students music, acting and oratory skills.

- half a day (9.00-12.00, 14.00-17.00),
- full day (9.00-17.00),
- or full day with evening games (9.00-18.15).

For more information, please, visit THIS PAGE or contact our managers at: arbat@ptitcref.com, +7 (495) 697-20-06.