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Parents Reviews on distance learning

Parents Reviews on distance learning

Dear parents, thank you very much for your warm feedback on ourdistance learning program! We are trying very hard to make lessons effective, simple and interesting. Thank you for taking the time to give us feedback - it is the best inspiration for us and great support in this difficult time. Have a good week!

Anna V.H.: "Thank you! Without you it’d be difficult to stay creative here. My son is happy to see his school-mates and teachers!"

Maria T: "Many thanks to the entire school team for keeping us in touch and sharing all the training materials!"

Alda D: "As always, many thanks for your tireless work and best regards!"

Alena I: "Thank you for your letters and kind words! We miss you and are glad to receive news from you! We hope all this will be over soon and we'll see you at school!"

Amaia D: "We had a lot of fun this morning, thank you very much!"

Varvara R: "Virginie and all your whole team, thank you very much for your work!"

Natalia K: "Thank you for your work! We understand that online lessons are harder to conduct than regular lessons. All teachers are doing their best, we can see that".

Victoria B: "Thanks and thanks to everyone for their hard work!"