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Learn English and French at home!

Learn English and French at home!

Great news for parents who want their child(ren) to learn English and French at home! We are happy to tell you about the opportunity to continue or start training our language courses in online format!

What are P'titCREF Arbat online language classes?
These are distance lessons on the Zoom platform with English or French native speaking teachers. You can join us from any place in the world and only need a tablet, laptop or smartphone with a built-in camera and microphone.

How big is an online group?
You can choose a convenient format: a lesson in a group of up to 10 kids for a budget cost or an individual lesson for more effective learning.

What age is online learning suitable for?
We have already tested the system on kids different ages - our students from kindergarten from 2 to 8 years old are successfully engaged in online learning. Of course, younger children need parental support.

How effective is online learning?
Modern kids already know and love gadgets - sometimes it’s easier to get kids attention using a tablet or computer than in a live lesson. Of course, learning progress can be achieved faster if it is an individual lesson, when a teacher pays all attention to just one child.

How to join online classes?
Write to us what day and what time are more convenient for you to study online, in a group or individually, and we will help you find the best decision: arbat@ptitcref.com, +7 (929) 509-30-70 (WhatsApp).