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Distance Learning with P'titCREF Arbat

Distance Learning with P'titCREF Arbat

Do you want to try distance learning with P'titCREF Arbat? It is an opportunity for kids to use quarantine with benefits and pleasure, to repeat and renew learned material, and to study new things. They can stay in touch with their beloved teachers and assistants, and give their parents time for telework, rest and household chores!
Distance lessons aren't a substitute for classes at school - we will catch up on all the missed themes in April and extend the school year until the end of June. Distance studying is a nice bonus for all parents who have payed for the third trimester. Thank you for not forgetting to pay in such a difficult time!

How will our distance learning work?
We will use a format of instructional videos and regular Zoom conferences with teachers.

What supplies will be needed?
Internet access and a "gadget" for work - a smartphone, laptop, or tablet; you'll need your workbooks and stationery as well.

What will a child do during online lessons?
They will learn funny songs and poems in three languages. Take will have lessons in their school workbooks. They will make crafts and/or draw a small masterpieces. They will repeat vocabulary and learn new words. They will continue to discover the world around them and learn many interesting things. They will stay in touch with teachers and their friends from kindergarten.

You can still ask questions and receive a prompt response in Direct Message, or with your manager by e-mail arbat@ptitcref.com.
We really hope that we will make your quarantine more interesting and calm.

With love and gratitude, your P'titCREF Arbat Team.