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No offline lessons until May 1st!

No offline lessons until May 1st!

Dear parents, on the orders of the Mayor of Moscow, we have to suspend all classes at P'titCREF Arbat from March 21st to May 1st! Please, don't worry, the educational process won't stop - we will continue the learing process in a different format of distance online lessons! Your favorite teachers are already preparing instructional videos, audio and texts that will help you successfully study without leaving home, and you can be anywhere in the world. Follow our announcements - we will be showing you what tasks and activities we are preparing for each group and share with you the schedule of live classes with your teachers. It will be very interesting!

We are very grateful to you, dear parents, for your understanding and willingness to continue learning in the new conditions. Of course, distance lessons and online meetings cannot replace the teacher’s live communication with students: it will be impossible to touch each other, hug each other, or pat each other on the shoulder through the screen of a tablet or a smartphone. Quarantine in general will deprive us of physical contact, and to be together, but life won't stop. Even during a quarantine, the connection between the teacher and the student shouldn't be lost - it is infinitely important for the successful education of a preschool child.

Soon we will meet again, greet each other, drink tea and share a delicious pie. We will go for walks, holding each other's hands, whisper secrets to each other, without wipes and masks. In the meantime, let's take care of ourselves and our loved ones: spend more time at home, wash our hands regularly, plan future visits with friends, monitor our well-being and consult a doctor when appropriate. We will continue discovering the world through distance learning. The first online lessons will be Monday!

With gratitude and faith in our victory,
P'titCREF headmistress Virginie Durand