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P’titCREF Goes Above and Beyond!

P’titCREF Goes Above and Beyond!

First Project: Interactive Excursions with Eko-Russia

Within this project children and parents will explore interesting parts of Moscow, take part in an orienteering game with clues and gifts at the end.

First excursion will take place on the 17th of February.

Second Project: Les PtitsHolidays

Family week-ends and holiday programs will be organized out of Moscow - in the suburban area, away from the city, may be even more further away...

In the city there is often not enough freedom for children: they can't run where they want, they can't scream as much as they want, they are not allowed to touch things or tumble and roll about where they like.

We would like for our little city dwellers to have a chance to inhale fresh air in an amazing atmosphere of fun and games with their favorite teachers and assistants!

The program will be filled with fascinating games and quests. We hope parents will take active part in it)

First holidays out of Moscow will take place in Yasno Pole, 26 Feb- 1 Mar. Places are still available.