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Interview with Song Juan, our Chinese teacher

Interview with Song Juan, our Chinese teacher

- Song Juan, please tell us where in China you are from?

- I am from Harbin, but I live in Beinjing for a long while now. I graduated from Beijing Normal University as a Teacher of Russian as a Foreign Language. And that is where I learned Russian.

- What other languages do you speak?

- I also speak English. English Language in China is obligatory for all Univeristy students as well as Chinese and Math. English is one of the most serious state examinations in the Universities.

- Have you worked with children who do not understand Chinese? How did you progress?

- In Moscow I worked with children age 4 and older. I always start with the basic things like introduction and greetings. I analyse how much children learned from the previous lesson and repeat the material if needed or move further if I see that children remember the material well.

- Do little children study hieroglyphs?

- Even small children can remember simple characters like numbers "1", "2" and "3" will be depicted as one, two or three strokes. That is how we start with Chinese writing.

- Living in Russia did you notice any particular interest to Chinese language and culture?

- Yes, of course. During my third year in University, I travellled to Russia as an exchange student and even worked a bit as a language teacher. That time not so many people were learning Chinese. Now I work with children and adults. I can see a big difference as so many people are now interested in China, its language and culture. For little children it is very important to be spoken to and speak but they enjoy cultural lessons as well. In class we speak but also get to know elements of Chinese tradition like tea and pastry, panda and Opera of Beijing, national costumes. Children quickly associate these elements with China. In class we also do arts and crafts traditional for this or that province as the differences between Chinese provinces is gigantic.

"- Song Juan, waht is the most difficult thing for you in Russia?

- Studies. I am an MA student in MSU studying TV Journalism together with Russian students. I must read a lot of books. I understand spoken Russian very well but written texts are still not easy for me. So I need to read a lot.

- P'titCREF is a trilingual kindergarten with children from different countries. What expectations do you have from teaching in such international school?

- I hope to spend a lot of time communicating with children, learning together. I want to teach them the language, give them an opportunity to have Chinese as means of communication between themselves. Even that I understand it is a big challenge. I am going to plan each lesson carefully. Chinese is not only the most difficult Asian language, it is also a different language system. I don't want it to be boring, I want it to be interesting and I want the results as well. It is important nevertheless."

On the 12th of September, 5:30 pm our Chinese teacher Song Juan will teach an open class at P'titCREF. Welcome, parents and children! Open Chinese class will take place at Bolshoy Afanasyevsky, 41. Sign up with our receptionists +74956972006, +74956099029.