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Star Days Holidays Program

Star Days Holidays Program

On Monday we will also transform ourselves with incredible cosmic costumes, sparkling accessories and fantasy makeup.

Tuesday will be an active, sporty day. We will learn how to snowboard, how to do turns and keep our balance, and we will even design our own boards. We will be spending a lot of time outside, so it’s important to wear warm clothes and bring some hot tea in a thermos. We will of course organise a snowball fight and sledge races.

Midweek, our planet will be transformed into a circus top, and we will become animal trainers, clowns and circus animals. We will find out about Cirque du Soleil, make images of cosmic circus performers, learn how to perform tricks, train extraterrestrial animals and organise a show of our own. We will end the day with a fantastical photoshoot set in outer space.

Thursday will begin with some Martian exercises. It will be a musical day and we will make some wonderful music. Real Musicians will come to visit our planet and together we will record some experimental cosmic tracks.

On Friday we can look forward to a treasure hunt. We will have to remember everything we have learnt during the week, put our thinking caps on and get active. At the end of the day we will invite everyone to a Martian-themed party.

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