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History Field Trips

History Field Trips

You can find the schedule below:

Seniors (on the 25th of January) and Preps (on the 26th of January) will go to the Museum of Paleonthology. This will be an interactive field trip with unearthing the fossils. On the 1st of February Seniors and Preps will go to the Museum of Izmailovo to enjoy the interactive show «A day in the life of Tsarevich».

Middle Groups will go to Darwin Museum on the 31st of January to see the exhibition «The way of Evolution». And on the 8th of February Middles will visit the «Jili-Bili» museum to see the «Once upon a time..» show.

Tickets can be paid for at the reception. Please don't be late on the day of excursions.
For information call: +74956972006.