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History Book

History Book

All ages are subjected to History! During 5 weeks, the children in P’titCREF have travelled in time. They studied the dinosaurs, visited the prehistoric men and ancient Egyptians, and discovered as well the medieval castles in Europe and the American Indian Tepees. They have visited ancient Rome and Greece, and learned about the Russian empire. The history program in P’titCREF covers a number of aspects as diverse and varied as the civilisations themselves, such as their clothes, art, knowledge, habitat, architecture, habits and professions as well as their fauna and flora.

To share all this with parents and friends, P’titCREF has recorded this work in a special edition of History book.

This book is illustrated with pictures of the children in their period costumes and reproductions of their drawings and their creations inspired from the various historic themes. Around mid March, the parents will be invited to attend a book signing sessions that will take place in each class; these sessions will be organised at the end of the school day. More details about the signing sessions in class will be provided at a later time.

The History books containing the photographs and the children’s autographs will be on sale starting from 1000 roubles. The money collected from the sale of these books will be entirely donated to the charitable foundation "Nastenka" which is supported by the Paediatric Oncology Department of N.I.I. (Institute of Scientific research): The Russian Oncological Centre of N.Blokhine at the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

During the book signing, you will learn about the illness of Djabar Takjibaev, the 4-year-old boy who we would like help, by donating these funds. Djabar has rhabdomyosarcoma in the pelvis minor. The cost of his treatments is way beyond his parents’ means. We decided to support "Nastenka" foundation that unites people from various countries in their wish to help sick kids.