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King's Cake Day 2017

King's Cake Day 2017

Each group will cook a special cake, la galette, for this occasion and a figurine, la fève, will be hidden inside. Chuildren will also have special themed master classes.

A boy who finds the trinket in his slice becomes king for the day and gets to choose his queen. It's of course vice versa for the girls if any of them finds la fève. We will have a king and a queen in each group.

Galette des Rois is one of the most loved festivities in P'titCREF. Please bring royal-like outfits for your children. Boys can be knights, kings or even dragons. Girls can be princesses or fairies.

The schedule of this event is as follows:

10th of January - Junior C and Middle C;

12th of January - Toddlers;

13th of January - other groups.