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  • Virginie Durand

    Originally Virginie is from Touraine, a region in the Loire Valley in France. She graduated from University Francois Rabelais Tours majoring in Modern Humanities and Russian language and followed with Khagne and Hypokhagne courses in humanities and Russian.

    In 1998 Virginie came to Russia to develop her Russian. Since 1999 she worked in CREF as a course development coordinator and as a French teacher for children and adults.

    In 2003 Virginie and Bertrand Coue, a proprietor of P'titCREF initiated the whole P'titCREF project. Today she is a Headmistress of P'titCREF Trilingual Early Education Center and she is also a main coordinator of franchising network.

    Virginie is married and she is a mother of two daughters.


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